Plagio is a cultural foundation oriented to the generation of transforming experiences through artistic creation. The focus of the organisation is the initiatives that are democratical, as participative contests and free exhibitions, besides the production of new spaces of creative knowledge, such as workshops and talks. We seek that our actions will be always a bridge between people and culture.

Plagio aims to create projects that allow citizens to connect with their creativity. These initiatives are implemented from different creative disciplines, as literature, visual arts and music. All the initiatives that are promoted by the foundation are contextualised on a compromise to contribute to the construction of a plural and diverse society, aware of the importance of memory, heritage and local identity.



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Over time we have built valuable partnerships with various institutions. Today we make projects with partners such as Escondida / BHP, Metro de Santiago, Universidad de Concepción, TVN, Iberoamericana Radio Chile, Enap, Fundación Imagen de Chile, Educarchile, CMPC, Cámara Colombiana del Libro, Alcaldía de Bogotá and Comfama, among others.



Avonni Innovation Award for the best cultural project 2016

2010 Fundación Futuro City Award